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Digest Finance

General Information and the Scope

Русская версия

Digest Finance is a peer reviewed academic journal released in English on the Open Access basis. The Open Access provides Authors and Readers with a good opportunity to publish and read articles absolutely for free. Once a Digest Finance issue comes out officially, its content becomes available for readers on the Internet free of charge.

The journal is published and supported by Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT.

The journal provides coverage to high quality research and review of financial issues. Digest Finance encompasses a spectrum of basic and applied research into monetary, financial and credit relations, financial markets and institutions, innovation and investment.

The journal spotlights the following scope of subjects and aspects:

  • International economic organizations
  • Global currency system
  • Global flows of loan financing
  • Global market of goods and services
  • National economies
  • Monetary system and currency circulation
  • Banking and monetary regulation
  • Monetary relations of Russia and foreign countries
  • Financial markets and globalization issues
  • Financial control
  • Insurance
  • Innovation and investment
  • Analysis and modeling of processes in the financial sector
  • Monitoring and forecasting of financial, insurance, banking and business risk
  • Payment systems
  • Public finance
  • Finance of organizations
  • Innovative forms and areas of financial systems' development

The journal features the following subject headings:

  • Monetary System and Currency Circulation
  • Banking
  • Risk, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Monetary and Credit Relations
  • Innovation and Investment
  • Finance of Organizations. Analysis of Accounting Systems
  • Insurance
  • Rating and Disclosure
  • Securities and Financial Markets
  • Financial Theory
  • Financial Control

Why Digest Finance?

Open Access

Digest Finance publications are provided in the public domain as soon as a new issue is released. User registration is not required.

The journal supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI).

No Publication Fee

Articles are published in Digest Finance free of charge. The journal is published and financially supported by Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT. Authors are offered to submit their articles without paying any preparatory charges or other publication costs.
For more details, please refer to Journal Pricing Policy and Guide for Authors.

Eligibility Criteria

Articles are eligible for being published in Digest Finance if they are of high quality, originality, relevance and scientific and practical significance.


Articles are reviewed internally and/or externally. For more details please refer to Regulation on Reviewing. Considering Reviewers' feedback, the Chief Editor decides whether the material meets all the required criteria. Reviewers remain anonymous for Authors throughout the reviewing process, likewise articles they deal with are unnamed. Anonymous reports of Reviewers are sent to Authors, without being in the public domain. Articles undergo double blind peer reviewing.


Authors hold the copyright for their articles. Digest Finance publications are governed by Creative Commons licenses indicating the creator (CC BY 4.0). Creative Commons licenses provide for unlimited use, distribution and reproduction in any medium given original works are appropriately cited. For more details, please visit the Creative Commons website.


Digest Finance articles are archived in CyberLeninka and Scientific Electronic Library (elibrary.ru). Furthermore, Authors may deposit the published article in their universities' archives on their own and free of charge.

Indexing in Databases

Articles of the Digest Finance journal are indexed in the Russian Scientific Citation Index, VINITI (Referativny Zhurnal), and Google Scholar.

Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) List

Digest Finance is on the list of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation recommending journals for Authors to publish their papers on the scientific content of their theses on Economics in pursuit of PhD and doctoral degree.

Plagiarism Check

Each article submitted to Digest Finance undergoes plagiarism checks via the Antiplagiat system and/or other plagiarism checking software.

The Editorial takes all cases of plagiarism, self-plagiarism or any other scientific misconduct very seriously. Authors should be aware that all manuscripts are checked by using the plagiarism detection software Antiplagiat and other resources. Any incident will result in a correction request or even rejection or retraction of the article. The Editorial withholds the right to impose further penalties such as a ban of publication in Digest Finance for a two-year period.

Article Submission

The Editorial accepts Authors' materials upon a duly completed Journals Contributor's Publishing Agreement sent via email post@fin-izdat.ru.
For more details, please refer to Article Submission.

Journal Details

Digest Finance®
A peer reviewed information and analysis journal
ISSN 2311-9438 (Online), ISSN 2073-8005 (Print)
Since 1995
Volume: 120–124 pages; Issue format: А4
Current journal frequency: Quarterly
Previous journal frequency:
- Until January 2014: Monthly
- Until January 1997: 24 issues per year

Registration Certificate ПИ № ФС77-60937 of March 2, 2015 by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media

Previous Registration Certificate № 014009 of August 14, 1995 by the Committee of the Russian Federation on Press

Founder and Publisher

Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT
Registered address: app. 1, Zelenyi prospect 8, Moscow 111141 (postcode), Russian Federation
Office: Zelenyi prospekt 20, Moscow 111397 (postcode), Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 925 966 4690


Office: Zelenyi prospekt 20, Moscow 111397 (postcode), Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 925 966 4690
E-mail: post@fin-izdat.ru


ISSN 2311-9438 (Online)
ISSN 2073-8005 (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 29, Iss. 2
June 2024