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The Role of Corporate Pension Schemes in the Architecture of the Russian Pension System

Vol. 24, Iss. 4, DECEMBER 2019

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Received: 2 December 2016

Received in revised form: 26 December 2016

Accepted: 8 February 2017

Available online: 25 December 2019

Subject Heading: Insurance

JEL Classification: G14, G15, G23, G28, G32

Pages: 466–486


Finogenova Yu.Yu. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (PRUE), Moscow, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Odinokova T.D. Ural State University of Economics, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Subject The article addresses pension programs as one of the most important aspects in economic development of all countries.
Objectives The purpose of the study is to investigate the problems of pension support in Russia and formulate proposals for corporate pension schemes development to improve the flexibility of the Russian pension system architecture.
Methods The study draws on methods of logical and statistical analysis.
Results We performed a comparative analysis of the current situation with regard to non-State pension system development in Russia and the OECD countries and reviewed the Russian pension system reform. Based on the analysis, we identified the key problems of private pension fund development at the present stage. The paper includes proposals to solve these problems.
Conclusions It is crucial to improve transparency and information disclosure for a wide range of stakeholders, create a single source of remuneration for non-State pension funds, management companies and special custodians. Supervisory authorities should exercise control on the basis of compliance with risk-oriented principles and harmonization of regulations. It is necessary to expand the pension product portfolio for non-State pension fund clients and cooperate more closely with life insurance companies.

Keywords: pension system, assets, non-State pension fund, pension scheme, corporate pension plan


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