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Analysis of Business Models for the Takaful Fund Management

Vol. 23, Iss. 3, SEPTEMBER 2018

Received: 10 May 2018

Received in revised form: 24 May 2018

Accepted: 7 July 2018

Available online: 28 September 2018

Subject Heading: Insurance

JEL Classification: G22

Pages: 308-318


Magomadova M.M. Chechen State University (ChStUn), Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russian Federation


Importance Whereas Takaful implies mutual guarantees, it does not contravene fundamental principles of Federal Law of November 29, 2007 № 286-ФЗ On Mutual Insurance as non-profit mutual insurance. The Takaful fund management mechanism does not dramatically diverge from the conventional European or American insurance. However, the implementation models differ significantly, laying the basis for this research.
Objectives The research substantiates Takaful fund management models in accordance with the effective Russian laws on insurance, and infers a more adequate model.
Methods The research involves analysis, synthesis, systematization, classification, generalization, comparative analysis of structure and systems approach.
Results I perform a comparative analysis of the existing business models for Takaful fund management. The article substantiates such models in terms of the effective Russian laws on insurance and introduces an adequate business model which would unfold the potential of Takaful in the insurance system of Russia.
Conclusions and Relevance If business models for Takaful fund management are implemented in accordance with the existing laws on insurance, this will lure the Muslim population into the insurance sector. Their participation in financial operations will contribute to the development of Islamic finance and overall financial market of Russia.

Keywords: Takaful, mechanism, Wakalah, Mudharabah, management


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