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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 11, Iss. 11, March 2012

 Theory and methodology of economic analysis

Realization of the system approach in the complex economic analysis of the staff

Endovizkij D.A. / Lukinov D.V. )

Current strategic and competitive analysis: constraints and time horizons

Ilysheva N.N. / Selevich T.S. )

 Managerial accounting

Analysis of budget implementation of an industrial enterprise in the management accounting

Osipov V.I. )

Optimization of accounting reflection of price adjustment and influence on company’s competiveness

Romanchuk K.V. / Slyvka Ya.V. )

Necessity of long- and short-term factors comprehensive accounting for the social and economic benefits assessing of dredging and land reclamation shore projects

Gogoberidze G.G. / Mamaeva M.A. )

Standardization of the provisions of accounting and information generation in the quality management system

Alekseeva S.V. )


Using the cluster analysis for the characteristic of financial stability of regional commercial banks

Podolskay T.O. / Otdelkina A.A. )


Features of the methodical approach to an estimation of economic efficiency of the activity of regional customs office

Berezhnova E.I. / Pyatov A.A. )

The balanced approach in strategic management

Sergienko A.V. )


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