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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 26, September 2009

 Management issues

Method of optimizing the structure of the financial and industrial corporations in the financial crisis

Voronina L.A. / Ratner S.V. / Uzunchikoyan L.V. )

Project management office: project portfolio optimization

Vaysblat B.I. / Sysoyeva A.A. )

 Analysis of the efficiency of business

Application of the elements of technical-and-economic analysis while assessing efficiency of low-waste industry implementation

Efimychev Y.I. / Bogatyrev A.V. )

 Assessment of the banking sector

Assessment of the institutional network development of the banking sector in the region

Polydi A.A. / Avagyan M.U. )

 The effectiveness of land relations

Actual problems of ground relations in agrarian sector of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

Buzdov Z.Z. / Sarova E.A. )

 The tax regulation

Analysis of the impact of State regulation of the flow of taxes and charges (for example, Nizhny Novgorod region)

Borodin V.A. / Malakhov P.V. )

 Managerial accounting

The account assorted shifts in structure of released production in the break-even analysis

Danilov G.V. / Ryzhova I.G. / Voinova E.S. )

 Balanced scorecard system

The bases of a method of distances use in realisation the benchmarking analysis of economic indicators

Chugumbaev R.R. )


Evaluation of borrower’s solvency in personal (consumer) lending

Chernova M.V. )

 Economic theory

Problems of metodological maintenance of economic-theoretical research meeting the requirements of practice of economic management

Budovich J.I. )

 Internet commerce

Development of Internet Commerce

Маkarov V.V. / Коlotov Y.О. )


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