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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 13, May 2009

 Innovative activity

Innovation potential of Russian industry and mechanisms of its growth

Fiyaksel’ E.A. )

 The financial reporting

Analysis and classification of accounting problems for authors and users

Breslavtseva N.A. / Sverchkova O.F. )

 The investment policy

Interval and probabilistic approach to appraisal of investment project in conditions of uncertainty

Weisblatt B.I. / Antonyan G.V. )

Indicative model of management of investment processes on the basis of application of a criterion of harmonious development of regions of Russia

Shibaeva N.A. / Koroliov D.V. )

Analysis of effectiveness and complex appraisal of investments in fish complexes

Akhmyatzhanov T.Z. )

 Formation problems

Influence of higher education on income of employee

Razumova T.O. )

 Taxes and tax policy

Perfection of system of taxation of formation of wastes and in sphere of handling of wastes

Ivanov A.V. )

 Legal regulation

Basic directions of optimization of budget legislation

Bogov. Kh.M. )

 Conomy of the agro-industrial complex

Modern condition of cooperation in France and Russia and ways of its reformation

Kardanova E.Sh. / Blieva L.V. )

Economic effectiveness of scientific and technical progress in plant cultivation

Eshugova F.R. )

 Foreign trade activities

Analysis of transactions on import of goods in retail trade

Ivashkevich O.V. )


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