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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 9, March 2009

 The analysis of innovative activity

Innovative activities in Siberian Federal District Analysis

Polulyakh Yu.G. / Adadimova L.Yu. / Oydup T.M. )

 The theory of the economic analysis

Systematic approach to distribution of fund for municipal development assets, or Qualimetric Method for Quality Assessment in Municipal Units Financial Management

Suglobov A.Ye. / Cherkasova Yu.I. )

 The investment analysis

Prospects of Russian Regional Strategic Development in Terms of Investments

Kruglov V.N. )


Aspects of Management Potential Enhancement in Corporate Control Comprehensive System

Dmitrienko I.N. )

 The administrative account and the analysis

Toolbox for Comprehensive Economic Analysis of Consistent Business Growth

Smirnova Ye.V. / Tychinina N.A. )

Management Accounts and Analysis in Providing Consistent Growth of Business

Malinovskaya N.V. )

Optimisation of Residual Manufacturing Resources Control

Zimakova L.A. )

 The financial analysis

Receivables Influence on Money Turnover Cycle Assessment

Malafeyeva M.V. / Stulova О.Ye. )

Financial Condition Analysis for Sugar Beet Processing Sector in Kursk Territory

Bolokhontseva Yu.I. )

Price-Quality Relation Forecasting by Means of Expert Judgments Extrapolation

Terelyanski P.V. )


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