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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

A mechanism for financing public and municipal services in multifunctional centers (a Rostov region case study)

Vol. 12, Iss. 29, AUGUST 2014

Available online: 5 August 2014

Subject Heading: Social sphere

JEL Classification: 

Pages: 49-55

Nosko B.P. Department of Innovation, Government of Rostov Region, Rostov, Russian Federation

Salomatin D. Yu. Department of Government Economic Control, Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation, Russian Federation

Malysheva N.A. Department of Innovation, Government of Rostov Region, Rostov, Russian Federation

The article notes that a network of multipurpose centers of public and municipal services in the regions of the Russian Federation has always been either a centralized model or decentralized one. Nowadays, the most topical problem of such centers is to determine an optimum mechanism for funding the organization that grants various federal, regional and municipal services in various models' operation conditions. The authors submit a technique of regional service complex transfer developed and approved in the Rostov region in the conditions of a decentralized model.

Keywords: multipurpose center, public, municipal, services


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