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Improvement of competitive mechanisms of support and financing of scientific, scientific -technical and innovative activity

Vol. 8, Iss. 11, MARCH 2012

Available online: 16 March 2012

Subject Heading: Priorities of Russia

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Tsyganov S.A. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, professor, head of department, the Russian Fund of Basic Researches

Rudtskaja E.R. PhD of Technical Sciences, deputy head of department, the Russian Fund of Basic Researches

Khrustalev E.J. Doctor of Economics, professor, senior researcher, Central Economic-Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The competitive mechanisms of support and funding basic and applied science on the basis of research projects and evaluation of scientific organizations, and the methods interfering multiple budgetary financing, are analyzed and adapted to Russian conditions experienced in organizing and execution of research in developed countries.

Keywords: innovation reforms, innovative product, intellectual capital, commercialization of know-how, concepts of development, science intensive manufacture, performance evaluation, strategic management, fundamental and applied researches, science financing, financial analysis, economy of knowledge

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