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National Interests: Priorities and Security

Efficiency of State Social Policy in Russia

Vol. 6, Iss. 8, APRIL 2010

Available online: 16 April 2010

Subject Heading: Social sphere

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Timofeyev Y.V. post-graduate student of the chair economic theory, Volgograd State University

In the paper state social policy realized in modern Russia is analyzed. Basic reasons of actual problems in social sphere are Adapted to Russian conditions system of indicators of life quality is offered. Efficiency of social policy in spheres of social protection, medicine, education, and housing provision at federal, sub-federal, including Volgograd Region, and South Federal District level is estimated. It is concluded that the model of social policy realized in Russia is characterized by low efficiency.

Keywords: state social policy, social policy model, social standards, social policy efficiency indicators, life quality, life level, indicators of life quality

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