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International Accounting

Filling in the gaps in bookkeeping and tax accounting: A comparative analysis of international and Russian practices

Vol. 24, Iss. 3, MARCH 2021

Received: 4 February 2021

Received in revised form: 19 February 2021

Accepted: 4 March 2021

Available online: 15 March 2021


JEL Classification: H26, H29, M41, M49

Pages: 338–368


Ekaterina V. OLOMSKAYA Kuban State University (KubSU), Krasnodar, Russian Federation


Andrei A. AKSENT'EV Kuban State University (KubSU), Krasnodar, Russian Federation


Subject. This article explores the origination of the differences between bookkeeping and tax accounting, and their impact on decision-making.
Objectives. The article aims to examine the reasons for the discrepancies between bookkeeping and tax accounting, reveal some aspects of accounting of differences from the position of their registration in a uniform accounting system or two parallel systems, if available, and determine the impact of such gaps on investment and management decisions.
Methods. For the study, we used analysis and synthesis, observation, comparison, and the dialectical and data collection methods.
Results. The article reveals the key features of the interaction between bookkeeping and tax accounting in Russia and foreign countries. It justifies that in today's economic realities, addressing shortcomings between these information systems is not a necessity, and shows the possible impact of differences on investment decisions. The article also graphically presents the application of cost-plus and balance-based methods of accounting for deferred taxes depending on the way information systems are organized, as well as their comparative characteristics.
Conclusions and Relevance. The discrepancies between the two accounting systems provide an opportunity to assess the impact of tax planning on drawing a veil over the accounting profit. Studying the cost and balance methods, as well as the dialectic of the interaction of tax planning with the accounting information system, remain relevant. The results of the study can be useful to accounting and tax specialists, and other stakeholders who are studying the interactions of these information systems.

Keywords: bookkeeping, tax accounting, gaps, investment decisions, deferred taxes


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