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International Accounting

The economic approach to analyzing the financial position in entities operating in the housing and utilities sector

Vol. 22, Iss. 6, JUNE 2019

Received: 3 June 2019

Received in revised form: 10 June 2019

Accepted: 12 June 2019

Available online: 17 June 2019


JEL Classification: М49

Pages: 636–649


Serebryakova T.Yu. Cheboksary Institute of Cooperation, Branch of Russian University of Cooperation, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation


Anisimov A.S. Cheboksary Institute of Cooperation, Branch of Russian University of Cooperation, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Subject Housing and utilities is one of the crucial sectors of the economy, which satisfies public needs. However, the market economy caused crises of many housing and utilities organizations, with many of them teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. This results from restricted access to financial resources, growing prices for resources, energy, ineffective system of financial management, etc.
Objectives The study is to provide the rationale for the financial analysis of housing and utilities entities and outline recommendations for increasing their performance.
Methods The study relies upon methods of cognition, statistical and comparative methods of research, methods of financial analysis. Based on the systems approach and logic generalization, we systematized priority viewpoints on the current situation in the sector and identify key challenges of respective organizations. Synthesis of findings and modeling helped us outline recommendations for raising the performance of housing and utilities entities.
Results The financial position of housing and utilities entities should be analyzed in line with the sectoral specifics.
Conclusions and Relevance As the sector, housing and utilities has its own distinctions, i.e. social focus, high obsolescence of fixed assets, high dependency on governmental funds, regional and environmental specifics, tariff regulations. The above aspects should be considered for purposes of financial analysis and statutory values of key financial indicators of respective entities. The findings are designated for accountants, economists, financiers, their research and practices on accounting and finance.

Keywords: financial analysis, housing and utilities, financial position, financial management, efficiency


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