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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 8, Iss. 31, November 2009

 Monitoring and analysis of the situation

stimating conformance of the regional professional educational system to needs of regional economy

Ozina A.M. / Vihareva O.N. )

 Economic theory

Method of economic science and policy: the level of general methods

Lebedev K.N. )

 Financial management

Analysis of financial state of enterprise and internal mechanisms of its improvement

Batkovsky M.A. / Bulava I.V. / Mingaliev K.N. )

 Investment activity

Modern problems assessment of investment projects

Cherkashin D.S. / Popov A.B. )

AIC investment attractiveness of small enterprises through the income approach

Ryabova E.Yu. )

Particularities of calculation of social investments efficiency index in education

Davydov A.A. )


The problems of audit activity crisis in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Isakov S.A. )

 Integration and interaction

Internetization of Information Field of Business community in Russia

Popova E.V. )

 Financial management

Methodological approach to definition of category financial restructuring

Salpagarov M.A. )

 Logistics strategy

Concept transaction costs on logistics

Shutova P.A. )


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