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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 21, July 2009

 The investment policy

Capitalization analysis of a public company and the estimation of its investment attractiveness

Endovitskiy D.A. / Babushkin V.A. )

To a question on an estimation of investment appeal of the enterprises of electric power industry

Sinitsyn Е.В / Sterhov A.V )

 The competitiveness analysis

The Role of Economic Analysis in Estimating the Level of Regional Development

Fedchenko A.A. )

 Agrarian and industrial complex development

Analysis and evaluation of reproduction of fixed capital in the agricultural organizations

Baryshnikov N.G. / Cherdantseva E.A. )

Features of the analysis of the mark estimation of quality of the manpower in the agricultural production

Lobachyova I.P. )

Labour productivity in agriculture in conditions of institutional reforms

Sharipov Sh.I. )

 Economy and management

Segment information for account and analysis money flow in wholesale-trade networks

Gogina G.N / Sokolov А.А. )

 The financial analysis

Capital maintenance and profit recognition concepts influence on results of economic analysis

Galkina E.V. )

Estimation of financial stability of the commercial organization on the basis of data of accounting balance

Glazunov M.I. )


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