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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 15, May 2009

 Methodology of the economic analysis

System approach to economic analysis of assets of a business entity

Enovitskiy D.A. )


Use of audit in struggle with corruption in social sphere

Suglobov A.E. )

 Economy questions

Regulation of transformation of the structure of economy of region

Kuz’bozhev E.N. / Skulova G.G. / Belyaeva T.A. )

Basic directions of perfection of policy of tariff making

Ivanov A.V. )

 The financial analysis

Analytical grouping of articles of assets and liabilities of the balance sheet

Shogenov B.A. / Karaeva F.E. )

 The administrative account

Method of application of analytical procedures for evaluation of production costs and production of agricultural products of the plant cultivation branch considering quality indicators

Golovina T.A. )

 Financial stability

Financial stability of an enterprise and its appraisal for prevention of its bankruptcy

Kochetkov E.P. / Kovan S.E. )

 The investment policy

Payment for nature management and effectiveness of its financing

Magomedov A.M. )

 The factorial analysis

The factorial analysis in audit of efficiency of use of means for personnel compensation

Kulikov V.S. )


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