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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 8, March 2009

 Methodology of financial strategy

Economic Analysis in Financial Strategy Development (Models and Indicators for Control and Analysis)

Gavrilov V.V. )

 Development diagnostics

Diagnosis of the Companies Consistent Growth by Means of Dynamic Standards and Non-Parametric Statistics

Rukin B.P. / Shurshikova G.V. / Sviridova L.V. )

 Economic-mathematical modelling

Methods of Investment Project Selection in Situation of Risk

Weissblatt B.I. / Shilova Ye.N. )

 Perception of risk

Aspects of Modern Attitude to Risks

Kartavelishvili V.M. / Koloskova L.M. / Mitin A. Yu. )

 The financial and administrative account

Creating an Integrated System for Financial and Management Records

Zimakova L.A. )

 Estimation of buyers-debtors

Methods of Comprehensive Trade-Debtors Evaluation

Malafeyeva M.V. / Stulova O.Ye. )

 The social corporate reporting

Formation of Social Corporate Records System: International Experience and Russia

Burchakova M.A. )

 Efficiency of the tax policy

Evaluation of Social and Economic Effect of Tax Policy Activities on Various Levels of Economic Aggregation

Yurzinova I.L. )

 Reproduction and management

Conceptual Approaches to Choosing the Type of Metallurgical Equipment Reproduction

Baskakova N.T. / Dorman V.N. / Zhemchueva M.A. )


Assessing the Performance of Executive Agencies in the Russian Federation Constituent Entities

Osipova Yu.S. )

 Planning of the added cost

Multivariant Planning of Economic Value Added

Galevsky S.G. )


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