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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 8, Iss. 1, January 2009

 The profit analysis

Accounting, fiscal accounting and management accounts in the analysis of formation and use of economic profit

Klimova N.V. )

 Dynamics of the prices of the consumer market

Analysis of relative prices movement, inertial and structural components of inflation of consumer market of Russia

Malkina M.Yu. )

 Investment problems

Methodology of evaluation of investment appeal and territorial generating companies in investment-industrial groups

Yampolskiy Yu.P. )

Problems of investment of pension accruals

Muravliova T.V. )

 The financial analysis

Evaluation of economic potential of an organization: financial-investment potential

Timofeeva Yu.V. )

 Management of economic relations

Management of economic relations in the system consumer - seller with the help of sensor marketing communications

Ilyushcheva L.V. )


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