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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 23, August 2009

 Theory and methodology of economic analysis

The economic analysis: history and development prospects

Klimova N.V. )

Mathematic methods of economic science: evolution and perspectives

Barlybaev A.A. / Yunusova G.M. )

 Reform of higher education

Problems of reformation of higher economical education and requirements of analysis specialists in Russian Economy in a time of crisis

Каzакоvа Nataliya / Nasedkina Tatyana )

 Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects

Matrix management method use for schedule of investment project achievement

Magrupova Z.M. / Smirnov D.S. )

 The economic efficiency analysis

Estimation of efficiency of the leasing project: the complex approach

Khromtsova L.S. )

The organizational-economic mechanism of adaptation of the industrial enterprises at the present stage

Glagolev S. N. )

 Economics and management

Municipal creditworthiness analyses

Chernova M.V. )


Factor model of labor potential forming

Shajkin D.N. )

 Tax planning

The structure of expenditure as a factor of reductive tax structure evaluation

Bunko V.A. )

Tax component problems investment resources in small business

Mandroshenko O.V. )

 Tax registration

Tax offences as object of the economic analysis

S.F. Aidarbekov / I.A. Sitnova )


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