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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

The relationship between the agriculture and agro-industrial complex' development and the rural areas' sustainable development, including the social infrastructure's development

Vol. 22, Iss. 2, FEBRUARY 2024

Received: 20 July 2023

Received in revised form: 8 September 2023

Accepted: 5 November 2023

Available online: 15 February 2024


JEL Classification: R1, R5

Pages: 301–315


Irina Yu. ZHDANKINA Nizhny Novgorod State University of Engineering and Economics (NGIEU), Knyaginino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russian Federation


Marina L. NECHAEVA Nizhny Novgorod State University of Engineering and Economics (NGIEU), Knyaginino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russian Federation


Yuliya Yu. SYSOEVA Nizhny Novgorod State University of Engineering and Economics (NGIEU), Knyaginino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russian Federation


Subject. This article discusses the issues related to youth employment and educational centers' development in rural areas.
Objectives. The article aims to assess the importance of educational institutions in improving the welfare of the rural population and the development of the economy at the municipal level.
Methods. For the study, we used the methods of correlation analysis.
Results. The article finds that the availability of a university in a rural municipal area has a positive impact on demography and helps attract investment.
Conclusions. Ensuring the young active population influx to rural areas should become an important trend in demographic policy.

Keywords: interaction of economic entities, co-development, municipal rural district, rural area, factors of external and internal environment, educational organization, infrastructure


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