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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Innovative development of single-industry towns: An overview of factors and support measures

Vol. 22, Iss. 1, JANUARY 2024

Received: 11 September 2023

Received in revised form: 6 November 2023

Accepted: 4 December 2023

Available online: 15 January 2024


JEL Classification: O30, О33

Pages: 154–173


Mariya A. NIKONOVA Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS (CEMI RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation


Ekaterina V. AKINFEEVA Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS (CEMI RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation


Subject. This article discusses the issues related to the diversification of the economy of single-industry towns in Russia.
Objectives. The article aims to assess the measures of State support aimed at realizing the innovative potential of single-industry towns.
Methods. For the study, we used a statistical analysis.
Results. The article determines that the current area of diversification of the economy of single-industry towns is the development of industrial tourism while maintaining the sectoral orientation of systemic companies.
Conclusions and Relevance. The volume of investments in the development of single-industry towns is insufficient, and many social problems have not been solved. The results of the study can be taken into account when developing programmes for the development of production in the context of international sanctions against Russia.

Keywords: single-industry town, innovative development, factor, support measure


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February 2024