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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Financial results of agricultural organizations: Rating assessment in the context of federal districts of Russia

Vol. 21, Iss. 1, JANUARY 2023

Received: 22 August 2022

Received in revised form: 5 October 2022

Accepted: 2 December 2022

Available online: 16 January 2023


JEL Classification: O12, O13, Q01, Q14

Pages: 123–147


Lyudmila V. SHALAEVА Perm State Agro-Technological University named after Academician D.N. Pryanishnikov (Perm SATU), Perm, Russian Federation


Subject. This article discusses the issues related to the profits of agricultural organizations, the sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex, and ensuring food security of Russia.
Objectives. The article aims to assess trends in the number of agricultural organizations in Russia and the effectiveness of their activities.
Methods. For the study, I used the methods of comparison and generalization. The rating assessment of federal districts in terms of the development of the agro-industrial complex is based on the method of summation of rating positions.
Results. The article describes trends in the development of agricultural organizations in the federal districts of Russia and reveals the potential for increasing the efficiency of their activities.
Relevance. The results of the study are of practical importance for the development of regional strategies for sustainable agricultural development.

Keywords: balanced financial result, profitability, profit-making organizations, loss-making organizations, rating


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