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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Welfare in Russian regions and the prospects for anti-alcohol policy

Vol. 19, Iss. 9, SEPTEMBER 2021

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Received: 1 July 2021

Received in revised form: 26 July 2021

Accepted: 11 August 2021

Available online: 15 September 2021


JEL Classification: D11, I18, L88, O15

Pages: 1610–1646


Roman Yu. SKOKOV Volgograd State Agricultural University (Volgograd SAU), Volgograd, Russian Federation


Subject. This article studies the changes in the quality of human capital under the influence of expenditures on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Objectives. The article aims to assess the relationship between the Human Development Index and the expenditures of the population of Russian regions on the alcoholic beverage purchase.
Methods. For the study, I used the methods of mathematical and statistical data analyses.
Results. The article identifies Russian regions with relatively high alcohol expenditures and low Human Development Index, as well as regions with high alcohol costs and relatively high and average Human Development Indices. The article proposes comprehensive measures to reduce alcohol consumption at the regional and municipal levels.
Conclusions. The Human Development Index can be an indicator of the potential use of addictive goods. In Russia, it is recommended to switch to the Nordic State monopoly marketing model for addictive goods.

Keywords: addictive goods, alcoholic products, consumption, consumer spending, Human Development Index, anti-alcohol policy, Russian Federation regions


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