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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Rehabilitation of depressed areas: Concept and regulation

Vol. 15, Iss. 3, MARCH 2017

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Received: 3 August 2016

Received in revised form: 30 August 2016

Accepted: 6 October 2016

Available online: 16 March 2017


JEL Classification: R11, R58

Pages: 525-540


Khomyakova A.A. Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ivanovo, Russian Federation

Kaigorodov A.G. Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo, Russian Federation

Subject The article studies and considers the economic system of a depressive territory and the issues of economic and financial recovery of such territories.
Objectives The article aims to develop a concept of rehabilitation of depressed territories and the corresponding organizational-economic mechanism. Rehabilitation is considered as a set of processes of economic and financial recovery of the depressed region.
Methods For the study, we applied general scientific methods of research: a systems approach, analysis and synthesis, construction of descriptive models, statistical analysis, and other special techniques.
Results We have formulated and now offer economic rehabilitation concepts. We have also developed an organizational-economic mechanism of the process.
Conclusions and Relevance We conclude that a necessary prerequisite for the realization of the processes of economic and financial recovery is the existence of internal incentives and external regulatory mechanism, like State support mechanism. The research results can be used by the public administration in forming provisions of regional economic policies, as well as in the formulation and development of regional anti-crisis programs.

Keywords: depressed region, crisis, financial recovery, economic recovery, rehabilitation, economic policy


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