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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Organization and integration of money funds of an innovation enterprise as its cash flow management method

Vol. 12, Iss. 23, JUNE 2014

Available online: 13 June 2014

Subject Heading: Innovations and investments

JEL Classification: 

Pages: 15-21

Miliukova D.R. State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation

The article emphasizes that at the present time the Russian top managers run short of the reliable sources of knowledge of cash flow management of objects, which pursue innovation activities. The author points out that the standard methods of cash flow management of enterprises are unfit for innovation economy development. The paper considers that cash flow management is performed (among other things) by means of synchronization of receipts and payments in an enterprise money funds. The author submits the specifics of set-up of money funds of an innovation enterprise and she proposes its optimal integration.

Keywords: innovation enterprise, cash flow management, money fund


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