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Industrial policy as an instrument of management of a city eco-economic system

Vol. 12, Iss. 19, MAY 2014

Available online: 2 June 2014


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Pages: 22-28

Zlochevskii I.A. Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Volgograd Branch, Volgograd, Russian Federation

Buletova N.E. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Volgograd Branch, Volgograd, Russian Federation

The article considers problems of development and realization of a city industrial policy according to a strategic plan of eco-economic system's development. City economic subjects value the role of industrial policy and tasks to be solved by it. These tasks comply with the goals and objectives of a state eco-economic policy, and also the resource potential of a territory. A number of factors impact on formation of a city eco-economic system of modern Russia. The anthropogenic impact matters much. This fact requires territory typification by factors of eco-economic development, and it enhances significance of the industrial policy measures aimed at an increase of availability of the green technologies and successful innovation development of the Russian Federation's urban economies.

Keywords: industrial policy, eco-economic, system, development factors, green technology, innovation development


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