Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

The analysis of the state support of innovative activity in regions of Russia

Vol. 12, Iss. 6, FEBRUARY 2014

Available online: 8 February 2014


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Bushuyeva L.I. Doctor of Economics, professor, dean of faculty of management, Syktyvkar state university

Napalkov A.A. graduate student of chair of management and marketing, Syktyvkar state university

In article results of the analysis of features of development of innovatively active regions of Russia are given in interrelation with various forms of the state support. Classification of forms of the state support by types of supporting subsystems which allows to systematize positive experience of regions in the field of support of innovations is offered, and also to increase validity and addressing of financial, organizational, technical and legal support of innovative projects in regions. On the example of the Komi Republic schemes of definition of forms of the state support which widely used and haven't gained developments in the region are offered. These schemes allow to formulate the possible directions of development of uniform innovative policy of the region, and also to define forms of support of specific innovative projects, priority for the region.

Keywords: innovatively active regions, forms of the state support, government procurements of innovative production

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