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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Current state of agricultural consumer cooperatives in the Penza region: problems of functioning and development prospects

Vol. 10, Iss. 48, DECEMBER 2012

Available online: 28 December 2012

Subject Heading: Regional development strategy

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Palatkin I.V. Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of department "Applied Economy", the Penza State Technological Academy

Salmina A.S. Assistant of department "Economy and Management", the Penza State Technological Academy

Teryushkov R.I. Applicant of department "Applied Economy", the Penza State Technological Academy

For the last years in the Penza region the sharp increase in number of cooperatives that is a consequence of the regional policy directed on development and support of small forms of managing, and also implementation of the anti-recessionary program on decrease in level of rural unemployment in the region after crisis of 2008 is observed. In article the analysis of a current state and work of agricultural consumer cooperatives of the Penza region is carried out, problems of their formation and development, and also difficulty in creation of infrastructure of support of cooperatives in the region were revealed. Offers on further effective development of cooperative system of the Penza region including improvement of quality of a preparatory work on their creation, development of the state and infrastructure support are formulated. On the basis of the carried-out researches the conclusion that agricultural consumer cooperation of area is in a formation stage is drawn, also there is a high motivation on their further development. Proposals on association of separate cooperatives of the Penza region in the uniform vertically integrated multilevel system of agricultural consumer cooperation including cooperatives of the second and the subsequent levels are made.

Keywords: agricultural consumer cooperative, country (farmer) economy, state program, state support, infrastructure of support of cooperatives, credit support, subsidies, grants, multilevel system of agricultural consumer cooperation

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