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Forestry in the Region as an Object for Industrial Development and Carbon Balance Regulator

Vol. 7, Iss. 16, JUNE 2009

Available online: 14 October 2009

Subject Heading: Economy and management

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Zander Ye.V. Doctor of Economics, Professor, Siberia Federal University Social and Economical Planning Department, Siberia Federal University

Startseva Yu.I. Junior Research Officer, Siberia Federal University

Inyukhina Ye.V. Junior Research Officer, Siberia Federal University

Pyzhev A.I. Junior Research Officer, Siberia Federal University ;

The article presents the results of study of the different ecologic characteristics of the forest condition in Krasnoyarsk region. The authors offer a methods of ecologicla and economical evaluation of the forestry in the region, that allows to perform comparative analysis of the current condition of a given territory in comparison with the others, analysing several indicators that describe the different asects of the forest condition. Such comprehensive evaluation can be used for finding out the forests potential ability to absorb СО2; that is one of the obligations of the countries of the Kyoto Protocol.

Keywords: ecology, forest, fund, evaluation, integration, potential

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