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National Interests: Priorities and Security

Modern threats to the national security of the country and their neutralization by increasing the utilization efficiency of the innovation capacity of regions

Vol. 12, Iss. 9, SEPTEMBER 2016

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Received: 7 April 2016

Received in revised form: 4 May 2016

Accepted: 12 June 2016

Available online: 29 September 2016


JEL Classification: О38, R58

Pages: 192-204

Pechatkin V.V. Institute of Socio-Economic Research, Ufa Science Centre of RAS, Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation

Importance New threats to socio-economic development of Russia's regions related to sanctions of some Western countries and high dependency of the economy on export of crude hydrocarbons necessitate implementing a set of measures to enhance the national security of Russia, including through enhancing the utilization efficiency of innovative capacity of regions.
Objectives The purpose of the study is to describe current threats to socio-economic development of Russia's regions and develop measures to increase the utilization efficiency of innovative potential of regions, which would contribute to neutralization of internal and external threats to socio-economic development and enhancement of national security.
Methods The paper employs the dialectic method, systems approach, tabular and graphical interpretation of empirical and factual information, etc.
Results I analyzed reasons for threats to Russia's national security and their implications for socio-economic development, offered a conceptual framework for the national security, developed a mechanism to increase the efficiency of regional innovative capacity utilization and a model of innovation policy of the region on the case of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The paper's highlights and findings were discussed at the 24th all-Russia scientific-practical conference with international participation Innovative Technologies to Manage Socio-economic Development of Russia's Regions (Ufa, 2015).
Conclusions Russia is insufficiently prepared to counter internal and external threats to national security. Implementing the innovative policy and more efficient use of innovative capacity of regions will contribute to national security strengthening.

Keywords: threat, national security, innovative capacity, innovation policy, utilization efficiency


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