Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Analysis model of decision making in organization

Vol. 6, Iss. 30, AUGUST 2013

Available online: 15 August 2013

Subject Heading: Financial management

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Smarzhevskiy I.A. PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, the Department of Economics and Mathematical Methods, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

The model of a recycle bin (garbage can model) describes process of adoption of administrative decisions in conditions of "the organized anarchy". The analysis and reconstruction of original algorithm showed that results of model by many researchers are interpreted superficially, owing to insufficient attention to algorithmic part of a source. The unstable behavior of system of decision-making is revealed at strong loading and not segmented structure of access, intervals of values of the variable loading, systems influencing behavior are established, and the ways of possible modification of model are planned.

Keywords: problem, decision, garbage can model, organization, process, structure, person making decision

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