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Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Corporate structures in various models of market economy: features of the organization and development

Vol. 2, Iss. 12, DECEMBER 2009

Available online: 23 December 2009


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Tsvetkov V.A. the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Doctor of Economics, the professor, the deputy director of Establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of problems of the market of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

In article the basic are considered features of the organisation of large business through a prism of comparative efficiency of Anglo-Saxon (American), continental (German) and Japanese models of market economy. The special attention is given research of characteristic tendencies of forms of the organisation, construction and prospects of development of corporate structures, ways of financing of industrial activity, mechanisms of accumulation and placing of the capital, a role of the financial organisations in questions of the corporate property and management. The questions connected with the analysis of variety of effective variants of grouping of the enterprises, by character of relations between the industrial enterprises and banks are considered.

Keywords: corporation, governance, corporate, relations, structures, the shareholder, the proprietor, the manager, the state

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