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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 11, Iss. 7, February 2012

 Risk management

Forecasting model of economic risk indicators in agro-business

Vajsblat B.I. / Kozlov V.D. )

Working out of a technique of estimation of investment appeal of the company on an example of the electro-power sector

Fedorova Е.А. / Esipenko I.V. )

 Reform of higher education

Choice of the organizational-legal form of high school in the conditions of budgetary reform

Barysheva G.A. )

 Financial analysis

Effective cash management at the enterprises of the nuclear industry

Gusevа А.I. / Sherbakova N.S. )


Strategic analysis of the integration of reserves to improve the quality of agricultural products

Feckovich I.V. / Semiletova М.М. )

Complex research of efficiency of use of the basic means with application of statistical and economic methods of the analysis

Agoshkova N.N. )

 Development of agroindustrial complex

Economic growth in conditions of transformation of agrarian sector of the economy

Popova S.V. )

The main directions of the sustainable development of infrastructure, market vegetables

Olonina S.I. )


Internet site as an object of assessment, tax and accounting

Plyasova S.V. )

 Foreign experience

Investigation of the minimum wage in Ukraine and its impact on human capital development

Koshulko О.P. )


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