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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 14, May 2009

 The competitiveness analysis

Accounting and analytical support of innovative activity

Ermakova N.A. / Gafurova G.G. )

 Accounting and analytical support of innovative activity

Competitive conditions in world’s motor industry

Trifonova E.Yu. )

 Strategic management

Formation of institute of professional top-managers in the field of corporate governance

Izmalkova S.A. )


Organization of audit of medical establishments

Suglobov A.E. / Shibekov D.V. )

 The strategic analysis

Innovative economy and standardization

Filin S.A. / Yakushev A.Zh. )

 Financial management

Directions of perfection of amortization politics in the system of strategic financial management of commercial organizations

Kravtsova N.I. )

 Higher education reform

Analysis of financial stability of high school using methods of fuzzy-set theory (by example of the University “Dubna”)

Pakhomov E.A. / Ivanchina V.V. )

 The administrative account

Problems of cost management connected with quality of products

Lunina T.A. )

Analysis of distribution costs of commercial organizations

Glubokova L.G. )

 Economy questions

Methodology of regional economic analysis in conditions of transregionalization of economy

Mikhaliov O.V. )

Solvency of groups of interconnected organizations

Kovtun D.V. )


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