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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

The oil and gas complex efficiency: An ecosystem-based approach

Vol. 23, Iss. 4, APRIL 2024

Received: 7 March 2024

Received in revised form: 21 March 2024

Accepted: 29 March 2024

Available online: 26 April 2024


JEL Classification: L71, O11, Q56

Pages: 735–743


Semen A. GORSHKOV Vladimir Branch of RANEPA, Vladimir, Russian Federation


Subject. The article considers approaches to improving efficiency.
Objectives. The purpose is to determine the possibility to increase efficiency in shaping the prospects for the development of modern Russian organizations of the oil and gas complex from the standpoint of the ecosystem approach.
Methods. The study draws on methods of content analysis, synthesis, and verbal modeling.
Results. The paper shows that organizations of the country's oil and gas complex can create ecosystems. It established that the ecosystem functioning ensures an increase in the efficiency of interaction and mutual development of its participants, customers, and external environment as a whole. The novelty of the obtained results consists in the justification of the ecosystem approach, which is based on a combination of categories, like cooperation, coevolution, competition, and strategic management.
Conclusions. The findings prove the feasibility of implementing a synergistic effect as a model that ensures the development of modern Russian oil and gas complex organizations based on an ecosystem approach, in the process of finding solutions to increase the efficiency of core activities of all ecosystem participants, including suppliers and consumers of goods and services.

Keywords: efficiency, oil and gas complex, synergy, ecosystem effect, coevolution


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Vol. 23, Iss. 4
April 2024