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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

The circular economy in the water sector: Elements, processes, recommendations

Vol. 20, Iss. 6, JUNE 2021

Received: 10 May 2021

Received in revised form: 18 May 2021

Accepted: 29 May 2021

Available online: 29 June 2021


JEL Classification: F62, F64, Q25, Q32

Pages: 990–1013


Bagrat A. ERZNKYAN Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS (CEMI RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation


Karine A. FONTANA Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS (CEMI RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Subject. We study the main processes, characterizing the circular economy in the water sector.
Objectives. The purpose is to research issues related to circular economy, including the water reuse, to develop proposals for the formation of a roadmap for the transition to a circular economy model.
Methods. The study employs analytical and logical methods, theoretical insights into the analysis of processes related to the circular economy, and practical works of countries on the formation of a roadmap for transition to a circular economy model.
Results. The paper concludes on strengths and weaknesses, the potential and possible threats of water reuse in the implementation of the circular economy concept. It identifies obstacles hindering the dissemination of principles of the circular economy in Russia, in particular, the practices for reuse of water resources. We present proposals to develop a roadmap for successful implementation of the circular economy concept.
Conclusions. The proposals can provide a basis for forming an idea of a closed-loop economy in a country or region. They can be used at the stage of transition to a circular economy at the national and regional levels, to achieve sustainable development goals.

Keywords: circular economy, reuse, efficient use of resources, water resource, natural capital


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