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Production technologies: An analysis of essential features

Vol. 18, Iss. 9, SEPTEMBER 2019

Received: 10 April 2019

Received in revised form: 27 May 2019

Accepted: 14 August 2019

Available online: 30 September 2019


JEL Classification: О14, О32

Pages: 1646–1666

Krupina N.N. Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University (SPb SAU), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Subject The article addresses common essential features of production technology as a ‘specific complexity’ that determines the vector of social development.
Objectives The focus is on underpinning the significance and directions of analysis of common essential features of the technology based on the study of their nature, forms of manifestation, range of changes and impact on achieving the targets of production process.
Methods The study draws on economic-statistical, systems, structural, comparative, graphic and logical analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, systematization of opinions and published findings.
Results The paper defines production technology, presents the structure and contents of its common essential and interrelated features. It also presents the statistical data that characterize the activity of enterprises in the field of development and introduction of process technological innovation, discusses prerequisites of transition of enterprises to the best available technologies (BAT).
Conclusions There is a need for further development of methodological aspects of the analysis of process technology features specifically pertaining to development of tools to manage the long-term sustainable reproduction cycle.

Keywords: manufacturing technology, process innovation, technological mode, best available technology


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