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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

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Air cargo fleet of Russia

Vol. 16, Iss. 12, DECEMBER 2017

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Received: 26 October 2017

Received in revised form: 8 November 2017

Accepted: 20 November 2017

Available online: 22 December 2017


JEL Classification: G34, L19, L93, O33, O57

Pages: 2347–2360


Sobolev L.B. Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation

Importance The modern transport aviation consists of two segments, i.e. the military and civil transport aviation. In the military transport aviation market, Russia, by virtue of its status as one of the largest military nations, tends to maintain its presence in all aircraft categories (by lifting capacity). As for the civil air fright, Russia occupies a rather modest place because of a relatively small volume of international and domestic trade and weakness in all categories of civil aviation: long-range, regional and general aviation.
Objectives The purpose of the study is to analyze major trends in the development of global transport aviation markets.
Methods I compare the operations of international manufacturers of military and civil transport aviation in all segments of the transport aviation market by lifting capacity, identify general trends in individual segments, analyze the competition and prospects for Russia in these markets.
Results The paper shows how world producers have reacted to the changing demand for various types of aircraft over recent decades. The Russian aviation industry should also respond to changes in the demand for transport aircraft, otherwise the Russian air cargo fleet will have only foreign manufacturers' aircraft, as it has already happened in the air passenger market.
Conclusions and Relevance In fact, only OAO Ilyushin (a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Corporation) is currently implementing the Ilyushin-76 in-depth modernization project and other single option projects started at the end of the previous century and rejected due to their uncompetitiveness.

Keywords: air cargo fleet, all-freight service, market segmentation, competition, diversification


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