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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Comparative analysis of efficiency of economic mechanisms to stimulate update technologies

Vol. 11, Iss. 33, SEPTEMBER 2012

Available online: 13 September 2012

Subject Heading: Management issues

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Klochkov V.V. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher of Laboratory "Economic Dynamic and Innovation Management", the Institute of Management Problems named after W.A. Trapeznikov, the Russian Academy of Sciences

Grivskij S.А. Graduate Student of department "Physics of Flight", the National Research University - the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Ignatieva A.I. Engineer, the Central Aero-hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky

By means of economic-mathematical models the comparative analysis of efficiency of economic mechanisms of stimulation of replacement of the equipment on more non-polluting or safe is carried out: discretionary tools (for example, the direct taxation of old generation equipment) and the built-in regulators (for example, taxation of harmful emissions).

Keywords: non-expendable equipment, fleet renewal, economic efficiency, incentives, discretionary measures, embedded controllers, corruption risks

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