Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Аccounting of risk factors in the analysis of the borrower’s credit-worthiness

Vol. 10, Iss. 10, MARCH 2011

Available online: 14 March 2011

Subject Heading: Crisis management

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Lubushin N.P. doctor of economic sciences, professor, head the department of crisis management, Nizhny Novgorod state university named after N.I. Lobachevsky - National research university

Babicheva N.E. candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of chair the Accounting and the auditing, Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Institute

Kozlova L.V. graduate student, chair of crisis management, Nizhny Novgorod state university N.I. Lobachevsky

Based on the regulations governing the assessment of the creditworthiness of the borrower, the analysis methods used by banks. It was revealed that in the analysis of creditworthiness is not taken into account the influence of resource efficiency. Methodology that allows you to associate a life cycle of the Organization and the risk of inefficient use of resources with a creditworthy borrower.

Keywords: estimation, risk, the analysis, credit status, the borrower, efficiency, resources

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