Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Inventory financing system at differentiated discount

Vol. 9, Iss. 25, AUGUST 2010

Available online: 20 August 2010

Subject Heading: Management issues

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Yashin S.N. doctor of economic sciences, professor of chair of innovating management, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

Koshelev E.V. associate professor, Nizhny Novgorod State University by N.I. Lobachevskiy

Makarov S.A. lecturer of chair of mathematics and system analysis, Volgo-Vyatsky Regional Academy of Public Administration

In the context of the global financial crisis and the increasing competition to economic subjects relevant question of reducing the costs associated with the acquisition of physical resources. The article deals with a situation involving the inventory financing that may arise if the supplier offers a differentiated system of discounts. Developed and presented an analytical method for the determination of the party, at which the value of costs is minimized.

Keywords: differentiated discount, economic ordering quantity, inventory management, inventory financing

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