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Svetlana Aleksandrovna SUKNEVA

Русская версия

Svetlana Aleksandrovna SUKNEVA

North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov

677000 (zip), 58, ul. Belinskogo, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russian Federation

  • Doctor of Economic Sciences
  • Professor, Institute of Finances and Economics
  • Chief Researcher, Scientific-Research Institute of Regional Economy of the North
  • Editorial Council, Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

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Professional Activity

  • Demographic Processes in Northern and Arctic Regions
  • Demographic Resources
  • Techniques of Demographic Analysis
  • Demographic Forecast
  • Influence of Socio-Economic Processes on Reproduction of Population
  • Age Structure of Population
  • Fertility and Reproductive Behavior
  • Mortality and Life Expectancy
  • Vital Behavior
  • Migration Processes

Area of Expertise

  • Economic and Demographic Development of the Northern Regions of Russia
  • Demographic Potential of Population Reproduction
  • Modeling and Prediction of Demographic Processes
  • Demographic Behavior of Population

Subjects Taught

  • Demography: Basics
  • Population Economics
  • Regional Demography
  • Job Performance Analysis
  • Labor Resources Economics


  • Phone: +7 4112 364 439
  • E-mail: sukneva@mail.ru