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Editorial Policy

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The journal’s Editorial Policy is based on and in accordance with the Editorial Policy of Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT, taking into account the themes of the journal.

The objective of the journal is to provide an opportunity to the scientific and business community to publish original research findings, draw attention to promising and important fields of economic science, strengthen the comprehensive and useful exchange of views between the scientific and business communities in Russia and abroad.

The journal’s main task is to publish theoretical and practical articles highlighting the interrelationship and interdependencies arising in the operation of various links in the financial system, financial flows and the circulation of capital, structural elements of the monetary system, objective regularities of formation of the monetary system at the micro-and macrolevels.

The journal’s thematic focus

  • modern concepts and theories of finance and their use by financial institutions
  • methodology of financial regulation of reproductive processes
  • features and economic effects of financial globalization
  • theory and methodology of financial planning at the State and municipal entities levels
  • intergovernmental relations and budget management
  • tax policy priorities and the main directions of reforming of the tax system
  • transformation and risks of fiscal systems at different stages of economic development
  • mechanisms and instruments of government borrowing in the domestic and international financial markets
  • sustainable development of financial resource systems of enterprises at different stages of economic development
  • organization and functioning of securities markets and their segments
  • trends in the world monetary system’s development
  • methodology and practice of monetary and credit relations of Russia and foreign countries
  • insurance systems and finance of the insurance market
  • currency and monetary instruments
  • evolution of credit relationships, patterns, and trends of their development
  • interaction of credit with money circulation, finance, and financial market
  • impact of credit on production and sales of the social product
  • banking system and banking policies
  • monetary regulation
  • behavioral aspects in budgeting, planning and evaluation of investment
  • monetary policy in response to financial crisis
  • development of finance and credit relations with small businesses
  • influence of financial regulators on the financial markets and securities markets
  • financial information, speculation, forward rates and swaps
  • international payment mechanisms
  • international corporate and investment banking
  • international monetary system


ISSN 2311-8709 (Online)
ISSN 2071-4688 (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 24, Iss. 6
June 2018