Finance and credit
(726) - 2017

Finance and credit

  • Specifics of building a strategy for sustainable development of enterprises under current crisis
  • Using a public-private partnership mechanism to increase the investment appeal of municipalities: The Orenburg oblast case study
  • Modern models of startup financing
  • Certain aspects of industrial enterprise's economic security based on the assessment of organizational and technological level of production
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(460) - 2017

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • Determination of manufacturing complex' development areas to implement the import substitution policy: The electrical equipment case
  • The fifth technological mode: The position of the agro-industrial complex of Russia
  • Analyzing the budget efficiency of measures of State support to investors: Evidence from the Ulyanovsk oblast
  • Opportunities for industrialization in Uzbekistan
  • An analysis of factors impacting the decisions on innovation project financing
  • Assessment of the production capacity of manufacturing industries: Determinants, indicators, trends
  • The impact of energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement on national economies' innovative development
  • A study of justification of the buyers' synergetic optimism in major M&A deals of 2008–2014 involving Russian mining enterprises
  • Theoretical and methodological considerations of comprehensive assessment of labor potential at the regional level
  • Economic and statistical analysis of food staples consumption under foreign trade restrictions
  • Research and development to design a system of health resort services promotion in the region
  • Goodwill as a capitalization of transaction costs of a business combination
  • Developing the models of Russian corporate social responsibility: Evidence from a large corporation
  • Assessing the economic efficiency of socially oriented government programs by simulation modeling methods
  • An econometric analysis of factors of attracting foreign direct investment to developing countries
Regional economics: theory and practice
(437) - 2017

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • The concept of knowledge-based economy in the region
  • Socio-economic benefits of holding a large-scale international sports event for the development of a region: Evidence from the Sverdlovsk oblast
  • A study of the influence of urban infrastructure on regional socio-economic development
  • Problems and prospects of the construction industry's development in the region: Evidence from the Ulyanovsk oblast
  • Comparative evaluation and determination of the economic potential of the region
  • Socio-economic development of the North Caucasus macroregion in the context of district and regional policies, programmes and priorities: The status and trends
  • The Impact of the Sanctions Regime on the Transport and Logistics Activities in Russia
  • Information systems for automating the analysis and planning of food industry enterprises' operation: Evidence from the Republic of Dagestan
  • Ways to overcome the inequalities of socio-economic development of backward regions: Evidence from the Republic of Tyva
  • Price regulation in the grain husbandry of the Russian Federation: A competition provoking approach
  • On the assessment of the level of innovative development of regions of Russia
  • A statistical analysis of the innovative development of the North Caucasian Federal District regions
  • From the resource-dependent economy model to the innovation one: The directions of change-over
  • A cost-effectiveness analysis of the intensification of production, taking into account regional differences in labor resources
  • The migration attractiveness of Russian regions: Economic, social, and demographic factors
National interests: priorities and security
(346) - 2017

National interests: priorities and security

  • Personnel provision for the national defense capability
  • Synergy of the military and civilian production: A case study of the aircraft industries
  • An econometric analysis of some sectoral indicators of the USSR and Russia's economies in line with historical retrospect
  • Efficiency of agri-food policies in the region: Evaluation techniques and indicators
  • Economic modeling and empirical approach to address the issues of optimizing a correlation of available resources for national defense and economic growth
  • The quality of key forms of tacit knowledge in creation of value added
  • A study into the current issues of the labor market: Regional perspectives
  • Statistical and scoring methods to assess reputational risks of commercial banks
  • Competition for an access to energy resources: A technological factor
  • Developing a conceptual scheme for regional food security monitoring
  • Strategic integration in science and technologies of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Evaluating changes in the economic security level of Japan as part of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement: Economic cooperation and economic confrontation
  • The first pre-University course in the Kemerovo oblast: Results, prospects
  • Issues and prospects of governmental control over anthropogenic burden on the environmental system of a megalopolis: Burden factors and rates
  • Risk factors associated with pulmonary tuberculosis in the Russian Federation
Financial analytics: science and experience
(331) - 2017

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • Prospects of controlling systems in strategic management
  • The procedure for identifying and recovering losses from impairment of intangible assets
  • Methods for managing risks of investment programs in Oil & Gas
  • Measurement of Research & Development results
  • Evaluating economic interest of non-public organizations in the delivery of State (municipal) services
  • Evaluation of solvency and quality of municipal finance management as a measure to enhance the efficiency of public finance management: evidence from the Nizhny Novgorod oblast
  • Evaluating the State intervention in the economy during the crisis
  • An impact of property taxation on fiscal burden: methodological considerations
  • Theoretical views of the substance of the financial system
International accounting
(417) - 2017

International accounting

  • Management accounting as a profession
  • The future of accounting in terms of the prospects for improvement of planning
  • Restating the financial statements of Russian football clubs in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards
  • The accounting and control system for staff remuneration: Historical perspective and current trends in the development
Digest Finance

Digest Finance