Finance and credit
(696) - 2016

Finance and credit

  • Debt restructuring in the credit market: theory and Russian practice
  • Regional banks under modern conditions of the Russian economy
  • Banking activities regulation under foreign capital outflow from Russia
  • Trends in the interrelation between consumer credit and socio-economic development in Russia
  • Credit counseling in foreign practice
  • Finance of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(453) - 2016

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • Estimating the efficiency of investments with consideration of effects in related fields
  • Evaluation of investment activity in regional agribusiness
  • Assessing the effectiveness of investment projects: Rules, indicators and their calculation procedure
  • Waste heat and its influence on the energy efficiency of the Russian economy: Territorial and industrial dimensions
  • Systemic organization of innovation processes as a model of industrial growth
  • Susceptibility of economic sectors of the region to information and technology
  • The impact of labor compensation on household income behavior
  • Analysis of integrated reporting: Social and reputation capital
  • An economic optimization model for centralized management of procurement of State corporation's subsidiaries
  • . Monitoring, analysis and control of financial and economic activities of management companies
  • A role of investments in the development of intellectual capital
  • An innovation-active industrial complex in the system of operations of the Bank of Russia on the open market
  • A multidimensional classification of constituent entities of the Russian Federation by the effectiveness of tax control over personal income tax
  • Economic-and-mathematical modeling of regional socio-economic system's reproduction contour development
  • Modeling the efficacy of foreign management practices in the housing and utility sector of the Donetsk region
Regional economics: theory and practice
(429) - 2016

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • State financial control at the regional level: an indicative approach
  • The resource and energy balance of the region as a factor enhancing its innovation development
  • Social confidence in higher education of the Belgorod oblast: an empirical analysis
  • Objectives of the metal mining industry of the Far East region
  • A regional public-private partnership management system: building a portfolio of projects
  • Modeling of employment by economic activity in a regional multi-agent system
  • Static stability and dynamic properties of macroeconomic systems
  • A criterion system for evaluating the economic efficiency of forest management in sparsely wooded regions
  • Regional residential complexes in a down economy: the marketing aspect
  • Transport tax optimization issues
  • An economic analysis of the anti-competitive activities of local ruling establishment on the regional markets
  • Multifunctional centers in regions of the Russian Federation: problems of development
  • Assessment of the socio-economic security of municipalities
  • Forms of organization of orphan children and children deprived of parental care: Evidence from the Ulyanovsk oblast
  • The possibility of reproduction of society as a subject of monetary relations
  • The productivity of labor, capital and land in agriculture of the Krasnodar Krai
National interests: priorities and security
(339) - 2016

National interests: priorities and security

  • The game theory approach to consumer loan repayment issues in Russia
  • The Russian population's cash income models and paths to improve policies for regulating such income
  • Sustainable development of rural areas through organic agriculture
  • The balanced socio-economic development risk of the region: Risk components and their interaction
  • Consumer interests of households in healthcare and recreation
  • National identity of the place as a factor of tourism development in the region: Toponymy and ethno-futurism in Karelia
  • The definition of economic security at the micro-, meso- and macrolevels: Conceptual issues
  • An influence of import substitution policies on ensuring the national economic sovereignty
  • Environmental policy as a mechanism to correlate interests of economic development and economic security
  • On fundamental principles for the State aid to agriculture
  • Regional interests in the development of foreign economic relations of the Republic of Belarus: Evidence from the Brest Region
  • The conflict of national and corporate interests and the offshoring process in global and Russian economies
  • Preschooler care costs as part of childcare costs: A theoretical analysis
  • Socio-economic, behavioral and psychological determinants of the Russian population's self-reported health assessment
  • Prospects of the Russian-U.S. dialogue on regional security issues
  • In search of a new world order
Financial analytics: science and experience
(306) - 2016

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • Risk management in the stock market
  • A concept of creating innovative and industrial clusters in the region
  • The application of fuzzy numbers to pricing of shares as part of the agent-based model of the financial market
  • On the issue of customer loyalty in credit institutions under contemporary conditions
  • Structured investment products as a tool to manage financial assets of individuals
International accounting
(402) - 2016

International accounting

  • A trajectory of IPSAS development and the prospects of application in Russia
  • Reforming the accounting for oil wells depreciation in Iraq
  • Comparison of Russian and Chinese balance sheets
  • Audit evidence as the objective basis for the auditor's opinion
  • Environmental accounting within the system of accounting types
Digest Finance
(238) - 2016

Digest Finance

  • Financial capabilities of the investment process in the Russian economy
  • Taxable capacity of the North Caucasian Federal District
  • Analysis and control of the budgetary policy efficiency in 2016–2018
  • Adequate remuneration as a key criterion of social responsibility of business in terms of the neo-industrial paradigm of development
  • The role of management in steering the sustainability of corporate operations
  • Comparative assessment of the reputational risk as a tool to regulate 'too-big-to-fail' banks in Russia