Finance and credit
(709) - 2016

Finance and credit

  • Combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism: Interrelation of requirements of international standards and Russian reality
  • The impact of fiscal policy on the socio-economic situation in southern regions of Russia
  • The concept and key factors of budget system's sustainability
  • The concept of innovative total educational values as a methodological basis of the new cluster model of market relations
  • Specifics of agricultural insurance in Ukraine
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(456) - 2016

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • Economic and statistical study of the effectiveness of the Russian system of financing of public health services in comparative international dimension
  • Improving the methods of statistical evaluation of innovation activity results
  • Researching the motivational preferences of entrepreneurs for Russian small business development
  • Re-engineering the business process of industrial enterprise's marketing division through the introduction of two-tier architecture of sales department
  • Living standard evaluation technique
  • An analysis of engineering workforce indicators of Russia
  • Improving the methodological tools to evaluate the sustainable development of industrial enterprises
  • Information support of economic analysis in Russia: Lines of and prospects for development
  • Travel business as a source of regional taxable capacity growth
  • Creating a universal system of indicators for business project's investment appeal
  • The efficiency of investment in the industrial development of Uzbekistan
  • Military expenditures and economic growth: Econometric estimates of nexus
  • Evaluating the efficiency of State control over the accurate assessment and timely payment of corporation tax
  • A mathematical model of dynamic SWOT-analysis and its application methodology in economics
Regional economics: theory and practice
(432) - 2016

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • Pricing in the regional market of advertising structures: Location of the facility as a major factor in its value
  • Innovative challenges and their solutions in the management of foreign trade activities in Russia: Customs tariff and non-tariff policies of the State
  • A conceptual model of strategic management of the socio-economic development of a depressed region
  • Methods of evaluating the region's strategic positions in increasing the self-sufficiency in agricultural products of own production
  • The development of electronic interactions between State and business in the Northwestern Federal District: Problems and prospects
  • Preconditions for creation and development of industrial parks in the Mari El Republic: Tax incentives
  • Methods of evaluation of the impact of structural policy on macroeconomic parameters: General equilibrium models
  • Regional budgets balancing in the context of financial asymmetry reduction in the conditions of financial instability
  • Businesses during the economic crisis: Challenges and prospects for sustainability
  • Small business tax system modernization in Russia to promote further development and increase budget revenues
  • The development of dairy industry of the Penza oblast: Problems and prospects
  • A study of the special economic zone influence on the Kaliningrad oblast's investment activities
  • Evaluation of the social security infrastructure management effectiveness by DEA-analysis method: A tourist destination case
  • Innovation parks as a marketing tool for the sustainable development of old industrial regions
National interests: priorities and security
(342) - 2016

National interests: priorities and security

  • A comprehensive analysis of the socio-economic situation of municipal districts on the basis of economic-mathematical tools: Evidence from the Moscow oblast
  • Region's sustainable development prediction on the basis of economic-mathematical modeling
  • Improvement of the investment activities of public corporations in the context of the State industrial policy implementation
  • Development of human resource capacity in the system of regional resource centers
  • Economic growth as a basis for economic development
  • The formation of conditions and strategic tools to mobilize the economy
  • Tax incentives for innovation development of industrial enterprises of Russia on the basis of international experience
  • Free port of Vladivostok as a tool of investment policies in the region's fishing logistics
  • Boosting the economic development of the region through budget funds investing in industrial facilities infrastructure
  • Economic conditions for international tourist destinations formation in Russian regions
  • Import substitution in agricultural production of the region: a demographic dimension: The Amur oblast case study
  • Ethno-territorial and national models of management and economy: On formation of ethno-management and ethno-economy
  • Trends in the development of China's economy in the face of increased global instability
  • BRICS military-economic alliance and strategy: Problems, prospects, solutions
  • Subsistence support of the armies of the leading Member States of NATO: Particularities
  • Modern threats to the national security of the country and their neutralization by increasing the utilization efficiency of the innovation capacity of regions
Financial analytics: science and experience
(320) - 2016

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • Participatory budgeting and related practices
  • Commercial and State-owned banks' lending for small businesses: Analysis and prospects
  • Value drivers of accounts receivable: Repayment dates and repayment risks
  • Effects of fluctuation in the stock market on the development of industrial production
International accounting
(409) - 2016

International accounting

  • Economy and the issues of management accounting theory: what are they?
  • Considering project risks in non-stationary conditions
  • Professional judgment as part of accounting for revaluation of fixed assets
  • An analysis of regional economy and the search for reserves of the gross-value-added growth in the region
Digest Finance
(239) - 2016

Digest Finance

  • Evaluation of the investment potential of regional banks: Evidence from the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania
  • Theoretical aspects of bank crises: Substance, classification, causes
  • Regulation of the investment and structural interaction among sectors: Outlining a methodological approach
  • Contemporary indirect methods for measuring the non-observed economy: A brief overview
  • Classification of households' financial risks