Finance and credit
(690) - 2016

Finance and credit

  • Assessment of factors securing economic growth and financial stability in the EEU member States
  • State-of-the-art and prospects for financial markets’ integration of certain countries of the CIS and Russia
  • Risks and public financial management
  • Characteristics of methodological approaches to building the budgetary policy of economic growth
  • Innovative investment: a concept and systematization
Economic analysis: theory and practice
(452) - 2016

Economic analysis: theory and practice

  • Hybrid organizations on industry's life cycle curve
  • Improving the analytical support to integration processes in the economic cluster
  • Methods of risk systematization, classification and compensation in the life cycle of complex high-tech projects: The rocket and space technology case
  • Problems and variants of multiplier effects calculation when implementing the program-and-project-based approach to integrated socio-economic development of municipalities
  • Institutional problems of forest areas of Russian regions
  • Human capital as a resource of region's innovative development
  • The analysis of intellectual capital at Russian enterprises operating in the construction industry
  • Improving the financial management of State healthcare institutions
  • Problematic aspects of calculating the financial leverage effect
  • Foreign approaches to evaluating the return on public investment in research and development programs and their applicability under Russian conditions
  • A methodology to assess the investment potential of the region by institutional sectors of economy
  • The TDABB methodology in the management control of insurance companies
  • On the efficiency of management strategy of metallurgical equipment repair
  • Specifics of managing the enterprise of the biofuel cluster
  • Spatial econometric modeling and forecasting the performance indicators of regional economic structures for mineral water production
  • Applying the Steiner tree problem in the spherical coordinate system given the topographic features of the surface in road construction
Regional economics: theory and practice
(427) - 2016

Regional economics: theory and practice

  • A criterion and methodological approach to the classification of single-industry towns: theory and practice
  • Pashkus1 V.Yu., Pashkus2 N.A., Pashkus3 M.V. The formation of a culturally robust brand of the City of St. Petersburg: breakaway positioning and valuation approaches
  • Information and communication infrastructure of the northern border regions and its role in the development of the region
  • Evaluation of the quality of human capital of the university faculty
  • Problems of formation and realization of modern regional personnel policy
  • Score and features of development of rural areas of the region: the Orel oblast case study
  • Methods of evaluating the competitiveness of regions
  • The system of state support for agricultural entrepreneurship as a factor in increasing the activity of subjects of the industry
  • Estimation of investment potential of the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Prospects for the participation of Kazakhstan in the integration process
  • Public policies to reduce the interregional differentiation in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The transformation of age-specific birth rates in Primorsky Krai
  • Evaluation of strategic activities of the regional industrial and agricultural companies of the Volgograd oblast
  • Quality assessment of regional strategies for development in Russia
National interests: priorities and security
(337) - 2016

National interests: priorities and security

  • Non-financial incentives for effective environmental protection activities of entities
  • Municipal special-purpose programs
  • Prospects of adapting the institution of European technological platforms in Russia: Evidence from NBIC-convergence technologies
  • The implementation of contemporary scientific and technological programs: Efficiency enhancement models and mechanisms
  • Land use by agricultural entities: issues, trends, prospects: Evidence from the Saratov oblast
  • Agricultural entities of the Republic of Dagestan: development issues
  • Food import is like a persona non grata: An analysis of import substitution and pricing policy in Russia
  • International cooperation as a mechanism for industrial enterprises' interaction in innovation
  • Innovative models of ratings of commercial banks and their products
  • Cluster initiatives in the strategy of innovative development of Russia
  • Benchmarking of using private-public partnership in the regions of the Russian Federation: Evidence from the Komi Republic
  • The evolution of geo-economic focus of the global economy: A path towards the structure of multifaceted geo-economic multipolarity
  • SWOT analysis of capabilities in rural areas of the Orel oblast for nature-based tourism development
  • Barrier capabilities of special areas: A case study of sanitary protection zones of enterprises
  • International cooperation of law enforcement agencies in countering terrorism of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
Financial analytics: science and experience
(300) - 2016

Financial analytics: science and experience

  • Restructuring of national banking systems: domestic and some foreign practices
  • Vulnerabilities of financial institutions and households to the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing: An analysis of mutual relations and implications in terms of financial security
  • Outsourcing of financial services: genesis and current condition
  • On refocusing to domestic tourism
International accounting
(399) - 2016

International accounting

  • The process of internal audit in the insurance company during the adoption of a new chart of accounts and sectoral accounting standards
  • Analyzing financial flows of a consolidated group of companies
  • Methodological approaches to internal control over costs in beef husbandry
  • Development of State audit in the Russian Federation
Digest Finance
(237) - 2016

Digest Finance

  • Budgetary and fiscal decentralization as part of public finance management
  • A research into conditions for small business and entrepreneurship development: Evidence from the City of Ulyanovsk
  • A comparative analysis of the structure and principles of sovereign wealth fund management
  • Techniques for implementing anti-money laundering procedures
  • Analyzing the rationale for and return on business restructuring through spin-offs