Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Editorial Policy

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The journal’s Editorial Policy is based on and in accordance with the Editorial Policy of Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT, taking into account the themes of the journal.

The objective of the journal is to provide an opportunity to the scientific and business community to publish original research findings, draw attention to promising and important fields of economic science, strengthen the comprehensive and useful exchange of views between the scientific and business communities in Russia and abroad.

The journal’s main task is to publish theoretical and practical articles covering the thematic focus of the journal, create and maintain a high scientific level of the information field for dialogue and discussion, and identify new scientific perspectives contributing to the development of economic science.

The journal’s thematic focus

  • theory and methodology of economic analysis
  • integrated economic-socio-ecological analysis
  • analysis of assets and capital of business entities
  • economic analysis of resource efficiency
  • analysis of the regularities of development of the country’s economic complex and social resources
  • methods of economic analysis at various stages of the life cycle of systems
  • analysis of the financial and business activities of economic entities of different hierarchical levels
  • management review
  • investment analysis and appraisal of investment projects
  • innovation and analysis of innovative activities
  • analysis of the development of business processes and IT technology
  • formation of enterprise architecture
  • analysis of the cost of information systems and resources
  • features of economic analysis in crisis management
  • analysis of the competitiveness and sustainable development of economic entities
  • study of internal and external factors affecting the financial stability and solvency of businesses
  • principles and analysis of depreciation policy methods
  • modeling the economic situation
  • determination of development cycles and trends
  • history and prospects of the economic analysis development


ISSN 2311-8725 (Online)
ISSN 2073-039X (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 17, Iss. 6
June 2018