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Analysis of foreign experience in the ecotourism development: The Fergana Region case study

Yakubzhanova Kh.Ya. Namangan Engineering Institute, Namangan, Republic of Uzbekistan ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #8, 2019

Subject The article discusses the development of ecotourism in regions, and analyzes prospects for ecotourism in the territory of the Fergana Valley.
Objectives The purpose is to design a plan for gradual development of ecotourism in the Fergana area, to assess possibilities to ensure the growth of too high productive power therein.
Methods The study employs the systems analysis and the regional approach.
Results The Fergana region consists of several climatic areas. Using the natural potential of the region, it is possible to accelerate the socio-economic development of the territory. Special attention should be focused on ecological features of the economic region. This requires drawing up an action plan to increase the ecologically clean areas, protect them in according with international standards.
Conclusions I present a model of a mechanism for accelerated development of ecotourism in regions. It is necessary to identify ecotourism sites and provide greater opportunities for private entrepreneurs. In future, it will be possible to create new jobs.

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