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Analytical activity of a commercial bank

Vinogradov A.I. JSC MDM Bank, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #27, 2014

The need to create favorable conditions for crediting of innovation implies the consideration of the issue at the state level for the establishment of an ad hoc body for informational and analytical support of innovation processes. The article deals with the problem of creating an enabling environment, conducting of an in-depth analysis of the institutions that govern economic and social interactions in a national program to promote the innovative development.

Transit container transportations: problems and decisions

Kalashnikova I.V. Doctor of Economics, professor of chair «Economy and management on transport», Pacific State University ( )

Vinogradov V.V. Graduate student of chair «Economy and management on transport», Pacific State University ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #41, 2011

In the article it is marked that the Russian Federation occupies a vast territory between the West and East, offers the shortest and fastest transit route to deliver cargo on the Trans-Siberian Railway. But, despite all the advantages of the land route, many companies prefer longer and long sea transit. This article discusses the problems of transit traffic in the territory of the Russian Federation, and suggests ways to solve them.

A strategic partnership between the State, banks and business

Vinogradov A.I. JSC MDM Bank, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #29, 2014

The article deals with the investment options of a country with regard to a number of financial and economic models, each of which can be specified and modified in compliance with the specificity of a single State. The author emphasizes that the concessions, which represent a system of agreements between private investors and the state with regard of monopoly activities, municipal or State ownership are the tool for attracting private investment. The paper points out that such an attractive form of investment for an investor in the conditions of acute lack of investment resources can yield significant benefits, providing a flow of long-term investments in the country's economy.

Risk-management of the Russian small and average banks

Vinogradov A.A. Associate professor of economic sciences, chair «Account, the analysis and work economy», the Ural federal University name of the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #36, 2011

The management of risks gets more and more value for the Russian banks. The global economic crisis has aggravated interest to this direction, as well as to the researches devoted to an estimation of efficiency of risk-management in various groups the Russian credit organizations. In the present work the opinions of various experts on influence of global crisis on development of the Russian risk-management are considered, the basic risks of national bank sector in 2010 and are analyzed. The conclusion about efficiency of activity of small and average banks, results of risk-management and their role in bank system of the country is made.

Systemic difficulties in planning and evaluating the efficiency of the program-based management of Moscow City expenditures

Vinogradov N.V. Financial University under Government of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #2, 2020

Subject The article focuses on organizational, legislative and practical aspects of governmental programs for managing Moscow City expenditures.
Objectives The study determines how governmental programs of Moscow City should be improved as a means analyzing and evaluating what impedes a growth in the efficiency, transparency and accountability of Moscow City spending. The development strategy for Moscow City programs is intended to increase the efficiency of regional spending.
Methods Research is based on statistical, economic-mathematical methods, methods of analysis, comparison.
Results I analyzed the regional regulatory framework and the usage of governmental programs of Moscow City. I found difficulties and advised how the improvement of governmental programs should be managed, including a common approach to evaluating the efficiency of the tool.
Conclusions and Relevance As there is no strategic planning program at the regional level, governmental programs of Moscow City do not evolve. Operating without a common approach to evaluating their efficiency, entities just formally comply with target indicators and revise them all the time. To enhance budgetary spending and refine governmental programs of Moscow City, I suggest adopting a set of strategic planning documents, adhere to management by objectives, develop a strategic development portal, implement a common technique for evaluating the efficiency (in line with public sentiment) and a new relationship map of strategic planning components.

A conceptual model of strategic cooperation of the State and banking sphere

Vinogradov A.I. JSC MDM Bank, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #40, 2014

The author proposes to improve the methods, tools and forms of debt financing of the Russian banking institutions. The basis of these proposals is conceptual provisions that define an individual approach to creating the necessary conditions for debt financing. These conceptual provisions include a set of measures that are necessary to provide the economy with financial resources and to develop the mechanisms of their concentration and mobilization on the assumption of enhancing the security of all participants of bank financing processes. The volumes of debt financing of domestic banks are subject to the volume of funds involved in the economy. These funds, in turn, depend on the resources, which are generated or held by enterprises, households, governmental regulating and managing authorities. As all subjects of market relations, except the population, have an obligation to keep their money in bank accounts (thus, the banks mobilize funds), the growth of the volume of internal debt financing is possible only at the expense of new sources, i.e. the resources of the economy that are outside banking. It is impossible to solve the problem of financial resource deficiency at the domestic level without considerable reduction of funds allocation to State funds and reserves and placement of financial resources abroad. The author identifies the need to considerably expand the scales and availability of refinancing for domestic commercial banks. In the conditions of the financial crisis, it is the refinancing system that in many respects enabled to achieve stabilization of the banking sphere thanks to significant growth of its share in the general structure of bank liabilities. The study focuses on the problem of bank financing volume growth by means of developing other financial intermediaries. This will promote increased mobilization of funds that are necessary for successful economy development. The author states other major issues in this area, i.e. developing a secondary market of debt instruments and expanding a deposit insurance mechanism.

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