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Scientific judgement of modern problems of steady development of region

Ushakova O.A. the senior teacher of the Russian Economic Academy it. G.V.Plekhanova ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #35, 2009

In clause the scientific approach to comprehension of concept is considered «Regional stability», which is based on definition «Steady development of region» Also is many-sided, and its characteristic has some the interconnected aspects. Process of steady development of economy of region should be adequate to regional potential of region, and stability of region is defined as universal effect from alternative use natural-resource factors and the enterprise initiative

Methodical approach to complex assessment of resources of development of tourism of the region

Ushakova E.O. Senior Lecturer of the Department of Management and Business, the Siberian State Geodetic Academy ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #48, 2013

In the article the methodical approach to a complex assessment of resources of development of tourism is offered. The author's technique includes criteria base of carrying out an assessment on three groups of resources of development of tourism: climatic, historical and cultural and social and economic. Technique approbation on the example of a tourist and recreational complex of the Novosibirsk region is carried out, valid conclusions on development of tourist capacity of the region are drawn.

A study of factors that affect the overall risk of owners of ordinary shares

Ushakova N.V. Tula State University (TulSU), Tula, Russian Federation ( )

Vasin A.S. Federal Treasury, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Fatuev V.A. Federal Treasury, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #6, 2019

Subject Risk as a degree of profit variability needs measurement and management. The article describes approaches to identifying the minimum and maximum level of overall risk of holders of ordinary shares.
Objectives We focus on understanding factors that affect minimum and maximum risk boundaries of a particular firm.
Methods The paper rests on the study of analytic dependence and mathematical modeling.
Results The minimum level of overall risk is in direct hyperbolic relationship to the difference between the market growth rate and return on equity.
Conclusions When managing the income and expenditure, companies should maintain the total risk ratio within the boundaries from minimum to maximum. Companies can calculate values of these boundaries by using the formulae given in the article.

Interaction of banks and insurance companies in ensuring the economic security of the financial market

Rusetskaya E.A. North Caucasian Federal University, Stavropol, Russian Federation ( )

Ushakova Yu.A. North Caucasian Federal University, Stavropol, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #14, 2015

Importance Considering the unstable political and economic situation in the global economy, it is relevant to ensure economic security through a robust mechanism for interaction of banks and insurance companies. Integration of banks and insurance companies not only accumulates internal investment resources boosting profit growth, but also ensures the stability of the entire financial system. It contributes to improving the standard of living, strengthening the social security of and support to population, and enhancing the sustainability of the national economy.
     Objectives The research aims at reviewing the existing formats and mechanisms for interaction of banks and insurance companies in the Russian financial market, analyzing dynamics and structure of the bank insurance segment, identifying difficulties in the segment and finding ways to resolve them.
     Methods Based on comparative and analytical methods, we review channels used to sell insurance products in the bank insurance segment of Russia, and identify legislative issues relating to interaction of banks and insurance companies.
     Results The article describes the most efficient formats for interaction of market actors in the bank insurance segment, and proposes measures to improve the formats.
     Conclusions and Relevance It is possible to ensure economic security in managing banks' financial resources provided that there is an effective mechanism for interaction of banks and insurance companies, thus reducing financial risks of banks, and providing more favorable terms and conditions for clients. In this respect, it is necessary to let consumers freely choose an insurance company and insurance product when providing them with information on insurance companies' financial stability, pricing and tariff policies, competitive advantages of insurance products.

Formation of the fiscal system to stimulate innovation in adapting international experience

Ushakova S.E. Russian Scientific Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in Science and Technology (RIEPP), Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #9, 2015

Importance The article considers the problem of an effective fiscal system to foster innovations in Russia on the basis of application of the European countries' experience.
     Objectives The paper makes a comparative analysis of an innovation activity of the Russian enterprises and enterprises of the countries, which are in the list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The article provides data on the structure of financing research and development according to the patent activity level of enterprises in Russia and abroad.
     Methods A comparative analysis leads to the conclusion that in order to create an enabling legal and economic environment aimed at enhancing an innovative activity of the national enterprises, it is necessary to improve legislation in the field of patenting and patent protection, as well as to introduce additional measures for fiscal stimulus of an innovation activity. I discuss the international experience of tax incentives for innovation and patent activities of enterprises, and also engaging in economic turnover of the results of intellectual activity as a case study of the mechanism of the "Patent box" preferential tax treatment. The essence of this tax regime is to levy a tax on only a fraction of revenue derived by an enterprise from the use of qualified intellectual property assets.
     Results The paper considers the feasibility of using of the indicated preferential tax treatment for the national enterprises to foster their innovative activity. I conclude that the European countries' experience for introducing the "Patent box" preferential tax treatment may be useful for the Russian economic recovery. However, while using this preferential tax treatment, it is necessary to take into account the existing economic and legal environment for functioning of the Russian enterprises. It is necessary to adapt the considered tax regime, or some of its elements.
     Conclusions and Relevance Introduction of the "Patent box" preferential tax treatment may require a restructuring of the entire system of corporate taxation of an enterprise, or any of its part in order to avoid a significant decline in tax revenues to the country's State budget.

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