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Blockchain technology and its application in trade finance

Nurmukhametov R.K. Tula Branch of Financial University under Government of Russian Federation, Tula, Russian Federation ( )

Stepanov P.D. National Settlement Depository, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Novikova T.R. Financial Research Institute of Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #2, 2018

Importance This article discusses the new financial technologies, including the system of distributed ledger technology (DLT), or blockchain technology. It summarizes the available information on schemes of letter-of-credit transactions applying the blockchain technology, and performs a comparative analysis of such schemes.
Objectives The article considers the specific features of the mentioned technology and possibility of its application in trading operations with the letter of credit use on the basis of experiments conducted by banks.
Methods For the analysis, we used a method of comparative analysis of different approaches to the blockchain technology in trading activities using a letter of credit.
Results The analysis of the new technology use by banks in the area of trade finance shows that different schemes of blockchain technology are possible to apply.
Conclusions and Relevance Still, there are many problems of both economic and legal nature have to be solved for the blockchain technology wide use. Blockchain significantly reduces the time of operations, and it saves money. However, this is only a pilot project. The search for optimal solutions should be continued.

Present value: appraisal of assets and liabilities

Kulikova L.I. professor, Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute ( 8-843-2911-378 )

Stepanov K.A. senior teacher, Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute ( 8-843-2911-378 )

Journal: International Accounting, #10, 2009

Present value with its features of use in Russian accounting, as a matter of kind of an estimate for assets and liabilities taking into consideration the international practice, are inquired into a question in the article. The main problems, appearing during the process of evaluating present values, are analyzed.

World experience of creating competitive clusters

Stepanov N.N. Graduate Student of department "Social Policy in the North", the Institute of Economic Problems named after G.P. Luzin of the Kola Scientific Center ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #47, 2012

In the article foreign experience of formation and development of regional clusters is considered. The main directions of cluster policy in the USA, the European and Asian countries are given. It is noted that cluster approach becomes an important factor of improvement of quality of economic growth of the Russian regions. Effort concentration of the state, business and scientific community on development of cluster initiatives provides high dynamics of economic growth of regions.

Household income and access to health services in remote areas

Stepanov V.V. Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation ( )

Kapelyuk S.D. Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #12, 2016

Importance The article analyzes health indicators and rural residents' access to medical care based on the Rosstat survey on Comprehensive Monitoring of Living Conditions of the Population.
Objectives We investigate disparities in health care access across population groups with different income level. The target population group is represented by residents of remote areas with low population density, as access to healthcare services is critical for them.
Methods To assess the health care access, we apply descriptive statistics tools. Statistical significance of differences between respondents from different settlements is assessed by using nonparametric tests.
Results The study unveils substantial disparities in health care access for the residents of settlements located at different distances from district centers. Both transport and geographical accessibility have a significant impact on the probability of medical service utilization. In this case, the impact of isolated location on the frequency of seeking medical assistance is even stronger than that of income. Conclusions and Relevance The findings show the inefficiency of existing programs for improving the health care quality and accessibility. The study includes recommendations for enhancing the efficiency of health care in remote areas.

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