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Auditing of human resources as a new instrument for acceptance of managerial decisions

Kabashkin V.A. the Doctor of Economics, professor, Moscow state linguistic university ( )

Starostin E.I. student, Moscow state linguistic university ( )

Journal: International Accounting, #16, 2011

In the article we deal with the audit organization of one of the intangible assets-of business reputation. There are examples of foreign practice of auditing goodwill. The article deals with the problems of the accounting and business reputation` s audit management of native enterprises. Here are provided the offers of audit development of business reputation of the enterprise.

Applying the non-numeric data statistics methods to analyze objects: The Moscow Oblast municipality case

Lychagina T.A. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation ( )

Pakhomova E.A. Dubna State University, Dubna, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation ( )

Rozhkova O.V. Dubna State University, Dubna, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation ( )

Starostin E.A. Dubna State University, Dubna, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #10, 2018

Subject The article addresses the estimation of social and economic activity of territories as parties to competitive relationships.
Objectives The aim is to construct an integral index to assess the degree of area's attractiveness based on non-numeric data statistics methods.
Methods The choice of research techniques is dictated by the specifics of socio-economic problems. To find solutions often involves non-numeric data that are highly dependent on the scope of activities and subjective estimation. We employ expert estimations and the fuzzy set theory tools using the results of the survey for the Dubna State University graduates.
Results We selected socio-economic indicators for the Moscow Oblast for 2015–2016 and developed a sequential algorithm that includes stages of processing the expert opinions through paired comparison, rationing, ranking, system of weights determination, membership function construction and integral index calculation for each year. The obtained result shows that for the two analyzed years the integral indices of the Lyubertsy region's attractiveness were not high.
Conclusions The findings confirm the current ambiguous socio-economic situation in the region, which indicates the consistency of results obtained with the help of fuzzy set tools. The materials and conclusions of the study are an example of implementing new information technologies to manage the region. This expands the boundaries of practical use of the proposed tools.

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