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The socio-economic status and health-related quality of life relating to the public health in the industrial region: Evidence from the Karaganda Oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Spankulova L.S. Narxoz University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan ( )

Kaneva M.A. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #11, 2018

Subject The research analyzes the life quality and health of the Kazakh population living in the industrial region – the environmentally-challenged zone. The reseach draws upon the survey and opinion poll of the people living in the Karaganda Oblast in 2014.
Objectives The research quantifies how income disparity influences the contentedness with the health-related life quality, which contributes to an increase in the life expectancy.
Methods According to the principal hypothesis, there is a negative correlation between the income disparity and health-related life quality. To verify the hypothesis, we use the econometric modeling framework.
Results Based on results of logistic regressions of life quality and self-rated health assessment, the life quality of the Kazakh people depends on age, marital status, education, income, parenthood, personal housing conditions, dissatisfaction with life, health and financial status. In Kazakhstan, education and income have a positive impact on self-rated health assessment, thereby empirically corroborating theoretical assumptions of the Grossman model.
Conclusions and Relevance The regression models support the principal hypothesis since wealthier citizens reported on both a higher life quality and better health. Whereas the models of education and life satisfaction prove to be statistically significant, this verifies the principal hypothesis of the research. The findings can be used to outline a regional policy for health care and welfare in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Further research may pursue the verification of results from other regions of Kazakhstan.

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